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Cultural Wilderness Backcountry Adventures

Wilderness backcountry is a significant deep-rooted heritage of Blackfeet Native Americans. Our multi-day horseback or hiking adventures take place in the famed, Badger Two Medicine National Forest in Montana in the heart of the Rocky Mountain Front.

Place: Located on the heart of Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front with Glacier National Park to the north and the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex to the west and south, the Badger-Two Medicine’s rich habitat provides a sanctuary for habitat grizzly bears, wolves, mountain goats, pure cutthroat trout, and wolverines. An important migratory and sanctuary for wildlife, the Badger-Two Medicine is a designated Traditional Cultural District under the National Historic Preservation Act because of its rich significance to the Blackfeet Nation.

Cultural History: For more than 10,000 years the Badger-Two Medicine, sacred to the spirituality and identity of the Blackfeet Tribe, includes a 130,000 acre expanse of a rich habitat of mountains, rivers, ridges, and wetlands for wildlife and fauna. The Badger-Two Medicine provided a place of worship for the Blackfeet people. Oral stories of creation, passed on from generation-to generation, originated in the Badger-Two Medicine. The Badger-Two Medicine derives its name because it is the headwaters two rivers, the Badger and the Two Medicine that feed into the Blackfeet Reservation and the northern plains of Montana.

Dates: Annually, June 15 through September 1.                                                                       


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