Blackfeet Outfitters

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Trophy Elk Hunt

7 action packed days of chasing huge bulls. Whether they are wild eyed and rut crazed or hiding in the deepest darkest timber all alone, we know where to find them. Don’t forget we live here!

Trophy Whitetail or Mule Deer Hunt

5 fun filled days of deer hunting in one of the most picturesque places in North America. From the border of Glacier Park to the prairies that make up the eastern side of our reservation. You will see a ton of huge bodied beautiful bucks. Our deer herd is doing great. We hunt them during the rut too. Just when the big boys let their guard down.

Mountain Lion Hunt

5 of the most exciting days you will ever have in your life! Chasing a Mountain lion behind a pack of Travis’ hounds will have your blood pumping like never before.

Mountain Lion Hunting Montana

Mountain Lion Hunting Montana

Then you arrive at the tree to see a sight very few are fortunate enough to experience. It is a spiritual experience for most people. Our lions are monsters. We take Boone and Crockett lions every year.


We work with local ranches on Trophy Bull and Cow Hunts. This is a 2 day hunt which includes lodging, food and in field transportation. A tribal elder will be present to explain the traditional methods for hunting these massive animals that were once a crucial part of life for the Blackfeet people. It is a cultural experience you won’t soon forget.


We work directly with the Blackfeet Fish and Wildlife Department to offer non-tribal members the ability to come out and help control the population of our predators. These animals are really vulnerable to a good call.